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Chairman of ASKON Mustafa Koca and Board members with him paid a visit to Chairman of Tumsiad in the head office in 4th Levent.

In the visitation it was said that if Turkish businessmen associations move cooperatively, it will contribute. The collaborative working areas must be widened. Chairman of Tumsiad Mr. Doğan stated that Every each businessmen associations must work effectively to reach Turkey’s 2023 vision. It will be easier to reach our goal if all businessmen associations work cooperatively. The associations must contribute between associations as much as they contribute to their members. Devour people must support new-founded non-governmental associations.

Emphasizing the accretion value which may be obtained via collaborator projects planned between these two associations, Chairman of Askon Mustafa Koca stated that non-governmental associations like Askon and Tumsiad must grow by leaps and bounds. It must be our most important goal to provide accretion value to our country as well as our members’ community.

In the end of the visitation, Chairman of Askon Mustafa Koca and Board Members presented a plaque to Chairman of Tumsiad as a memory of visitation.

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