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Istanbul Mayor Visits TUMSIAD

Istanbul Mayor Mr. Vasip Şahin paid a visit Chairman of Tumsiad Yaşar Doğan in our new building on 4th Levent.

In this visitation, mentioning about the contributions of our association in business life’s ethic rules, Mr. Şahin stated that “it's really important to educate people who are engaged to their values for continuity of our success. TUMSIAD takes the responsibility to create possibilities for employer and workers who have engaged this Anatolian culture.”

Chairman of Tumsiad Yaşar Doğan stated that our association is powerful since it has many members who are from different cultures and parts in Turkey. We must regard everyone’s labour who lives in this territory. Our purpose is just to serve the government and people. The important one is not to discuss what is correct or not but to have the same purpose.

In the end of the visitation, Istanbul Mayor Vasip Şahin, Chairman of Tumsiad Yaşar Doğan, General Vice President Yakup Köç, Secretary General Osman Kapıcıoğlu, Members of the Board of Directors Yunus Nacar,  İbrahim Kaygısız, Murat Gürbüz and President of Tumsiad Istanbul Branch Soner Biber took a memory photo and finalised the visitation.

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