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President of Denizli branch of  All industrialists ' and businessmen's Association (TUMSIAD) Süleyman Gedik and branch board visited TUMSIAD’s new head office and met with Chairman of Tumsiad Yaşar Doğan.  

Talking about the operating philosophy of head office and branches, Yaşar Doğan said that entrepreneurship must be encouraged in Turkey for improvement of trade. Tumsiad’s motto is supporting the businessmen who don’t deceive and aren’t deceived.

Talking about Tumsiad’s targets, Yaşar Doğan stated that although Tumsiad has been active just for 10 years and it’s young, it sets goals for 100 years in the future. Denizli has been working in this scope. Our primary goal is continuity.”

During visitation president of Tumsiad’s Denizli branch, Süleyman Hedik said that our goal is to get qualified and growth focused members. At this point, we have been organizing meetings called “Visitor of the Month”  with the expert speakers and support our members’ career in the first week of every month and we organize meetings abroad for our members to spread to international markets.

In the end of the visiting, Chairman Yaşar Doğan, Member of Board who is responsible for district 2,  Secretary General Osman Kapıcıoğlu, President of Denizli Branch of Tumsiad Süleyman Gedik and Branch Board took a memory photo.

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