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Turkish Statistical Institude Regional Manager İsmail GÖKALP Paid a Visit To General President Yaşar Doğan

Turkish Statistical Institude Regional Manager İsmail GÖKALP, paid a visit to General Manager Yaşar Doğan in the new assosication  in 4th Levent.

In this visit some issues were discussed about cooperated working area.  Sayın Gökalp, informing about TÜİK’s sharing statistical data with other institutions, says that; “Many non-govermental organizations like TUMSİAD constantly work on data which can be beneficial for the members who are active in sectors such industry, tourism, textile, nourishment, consruction. These data will enlighten our way from business world to education and from health to tourism.

Dwelling on that the data-sharing will go on between these two institution in future,  General Manager Yaşar Doğan who said he has been following the searches and data TUİK announced,  says that “we want the activities of our assosication to be beneficial to all businessmen and especially to our members. At this point every project and activity must be regarded. TÜİK’s data enable us to touch the real sectors for the projects we have produced.”

In the end of this visit, General Manager Yaşar Doğan finished his visiting after taking a memory photo.

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