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Handover Ceremony Takes Place In TUMSIAD BELGIUM

Handover Ceremony  takes place  In TUMSIAD BELGIUM

In Belgium office of TUMSIAD handover ceremony was made by joining of President of TUMSIAD Yaşar DOĞAN and Secretary-general Osman Kurtkan Kapıcıoğlu. Minister for EU Affairs and Chief negotiator Volkan BOZKIR, Brussels Ambassador of Republic of Turkey Mehmet Hakan Olcay, Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Turkey to the EU İ. Selim Yenel, Turkey 's Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU Dr. Fatih Hastemir, TUMSIAD President of Europe Cahit Kerenciler and a lot of TUMSIAD members joined the handover ceremony that took place in Belgium Office. In handover ceremony, TUMSIAD’s former president of Belgium  İsmail Akgün delegated the duty to Yılmaz YÜKSEL.

Yılmaz Yüksel who is charged as a President of TUMSIAD’s Belgium office said that “We won’t be in charge forever, and we want to serve, fix needs and pleased to our members. We won’t be in charge forever and ever so we are temporary but I hope that this foundation and institutions  will go on to serve for centuries. Spiritual values are our priorities before materiality.  We must go in the way of legality, morality, spirituality. We have responsibilities to our country. We have responsibilities to our country that we live in, to our folks and to our members. The mankind is responsible for things to be done. With the ideology, I desired this duty and serve in this way. I saw what my president Ismail Akgün has done for two years and hope his help during my duty. I thank all workers under Ismail Akgün’s management.”

Minister for EU Affairs and Chief negotiator Volkan Bozkır, gave some significant messages in his speech in All industrialists ' and businessmen's Association’ Brussels Office (TUMSIAD). Bakan Bozkır said in his speech “I am very pleased and proud of being with you in this handover ceremony following the handover of TUMSIAD’s presidency in Turkey few days ago. Turkey’s youthful population became advantageous. Over 45 percent grown up - well and hardworking youthful population’s ages are under 25 age old.  Our power is increasing fast. And this youthful population want to work in Turkey. They don’t want to come to Europe. It’s preferred to come to Europe for business, education or travelling.  There aren’t any works here. In my opinion, if you abolish visa maybe we have to put visa. It seems that you will come to us. There are enough business possibilities for everybody. Unemployment is under %10 percent. In many countries, it's about %25 percent. Owing to it, Turkey’s future is hopeful.  Turkey is so much powerful that I liken Turkey to a heavyweight boxer. At first heavyweight boxer like to enjoy the match and hits a few times. If he understands that there isn’t effect enough, he knocks out. Likewise, Turkey was hit a few times and nothing happened.

All signs are good and exportation is raising. Our growth rate is 3,5 while Europe’s growth rate is 3,7. Influxes are increasing and will be better. Turkey which got over from beats will be in a better place very fast. Our relations with Europe has the same mentality.”

Volkan Bozkır stated that “If we had said “Yes” to every condition they told, we would be a member state of the European Union. I wouldn’t be relieved and live with our still small voice. We couldn’t become a member for fifty years but we will. Why am I saying that we will be? Because Europe needs us in the European Union. It seems there is no future for Europe without Turkey. We will be a state member of the European Union, the reason of that we haven't become a state member is that we have never made concessions and we will go on without making concessions. This will be meeting of the cultures. Actually, when the meeting of the cultures actualizes, the European Union and the World will be pacified. Turkey is required for Europe and World in which different cultures live together,  different civilizations live together, people show respect to each other and share what they believe with each other and there aren’t islamophobia and racism. I have been working for 14 years since I believe in it and I will keep on working as long as I believe in this. To manage this, our social society has responsibilities. Our social society is the assurance of our democracy. It shows us democracy’s progress in Turkey  regarding that there are 104 thousand non-governmental organizations.”

Following his speech, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief negotiator Volkan Bozkır was presented a plaque by the president of TUMSIAD Belgium office.

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