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TUMSIAD Pakıstan Branch Opened

Turkısh Busınessmen At Pakıstan

Aım To Increase Trade Between Pakıstan And Turkey Up To 2 Bıllıon Usd

Sıgnıng Of Free Trade Agreement Wıth Pakıstan Whıch Is The World’s 6th Most Populous Country Wıth 190 Mıllıon Cıtızens Attracts Attentıon Of Our Busınessman

By opening a new branch, TÜMSİAD will try to seize An opportunity at Pakistan which is the market already suitable for Turkish Businessmen whose willing to be effective in sectors such as construction, energy, infrastructure, communications, automotive industry, plastics, iron and steel, food, paper, glass, cosmetics.

The Free Trade Agreement which is signed between Turkey and Pakistan for increasing the volume of current trade, has converted this market to be attractive for Turkish Businessmen. Tumsiad opened Pakistan Branch for seizing this opportunity present by signing this agreement. The opening ceremony has been hold by attendance of T.C. Economy Minister Mr. Mustafa ELİTAŞ, Pakistan Islamic Republic Minister for Commerce Mr. Khurram Dastgir KHAN, TUMSIAD Main Office and TUMSIAD Pakistan Director Mr. Anees IQBAL.

Aiming to increase commerce between Pakistan and Turkey to 1 billion usd at 2016

T.C.  Economy Minister Mr. Mustafa ELİTAŞ has stated that the Free Trade Agreement will be very important milestone for improvement of commerce between two countries. After signing of the agreement and opening ceremony of TÜMSİAD Pakistan Branch; Mr. Elitaş has had conversation with the businessmen regarding of opportunity and problems which effect commerce between two countries. Mr. Elitaş has addressed the following issues on this meeting: "Our trade volume with Pakistan in 2015 already have reached $ 600 million, we export 289 million dollars’ worth of goods, while importing accounted for $ 311 million. We aim to raise our trade volume up to $ 1 billion in this year, and in a few years we aim to raise this volume up to $ 2 billion. In this regard, major role should be played by Turkish Businessmen who travel all around the world alike TÜMSİAD members.

Trade opportunity with 12 thousand Turkish Businessmen

In Pakistan Minister for Commerce Mr. Khurram Dastgir KHAN has remarked that it is a pleasant development of the two brotherly countries by getting closer relationship and stated that "Today, we have signed a trade agreement that will be beneficial to develop bilateral commerce with 12 thousand members of TÜMSİAD"

It will be great opportunities in the construction, energy and infrastructure sectors

TÜMSİAD General Secretary Mr. Osman Kapıcıoğlu has stated that Pakistan's economy entered a period of growth with economic reforms and strong investment policy since years 2000. He has added that expecting that good relations stem from history with Pakistan to have reflection on trade; the trade agreements have been anticipated by Turkish businessmen for a long time expressed by Kapıcıoğlu, “Trade volume had reached its highest figure of about $ 1.1 billion between Pakistan and Turkey in 2011; thereafter it is decreased to 600 million. There have been foreign trade deficits for a long time that is disadvantage on Turkey’s account. However Pakistan is extremely important market for us considering their high population and opportunity on sectors such as construction, energy, infrastructure, communications, automotive industry, plastics, iron and steel, food, paper, glass, cosmetics and personal care. That’s why; we opened TÜMSİAD Pakistan Branch to add new tier to strong relation between the two brotherly countries have. We have been working on many years to strengthen the activities of Turkish businessmen abroad. In this regards, Pakistan branch is going to be a meeting point for businessmen of the two countries. Our first aim is to expand trade volume up to double of the current volume.”

We will be bridge of trade and friendship between two countries.

TÜMSİAD Pakistan Director Anees Iqbal has said that TÜMSİAD will contribute greatly at Pakistan business world and this branch will improve commerce and friendship between two brotherly countries.

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